5000 years ago, we humans did an amazing thing that would bless every generation thereafter. One of the most delectable and versatile fruits on the face of the Earth was domesticated, thus marking a true accomplishment in human recorded history. Ahh yes, the ever-so-tasty Avocado! In the centuries that have since passed,  we’ve learned and benefited grandly from this Godsend of a fruit, debunked some myths about its nutritional value, and have even got SUPER creative with the many different ways to fully reap those bennies!

     With a history as rich as it’s flavor,  it’s easy to see why the fruit is respected and regailed as a superfood. The avocado is believed to have originated in Puebla,  South Central Mexico, where the residents began consuming the fruit 10,000 years ago! It’s domestication is about as old as the invention of the wheel, so it’s safe to say this isn’t just some recent culinary craze or food fad. In fact, after having spread to Central and South America,  the Spanish explorers began exporting the tree back to Europe, in 1521, to share and sell to other countries and parts of the world! It wasn’t until 1837 that the avocado made it’s snooth entrance into the United States. Though the U. S. are neighbors to the avocado “motherland”, they were delayed in the spread, mostly because of the fruit’s believed “aphrodisiac” and fertility enhancing qualities by the Aztecs.  Interestingly enough,  the U.S. now accounts for roughly 79% of the avocados exported from Mexico.

     In the last 10,000 years we’ve certainly progressed in all arenas of life,  thankfully so, and we have also had the time to research further,  and with more precision,  the actual benefits of the avocado.  We’ve also had the time to debunk some common misconceptions. One of them being keeping the pit to prevent browning of the fruit. The avocado is beautifully green and yellow,  though quickly oxidizes and turns brown. The pit will not and cannot prevent this, however, adding citrus such as lime juice,  will prevent the browning (and add flavor!). Even keeping the peeled avocado in an airtight container with cut onions will help in preventing browning because the onion’s sulphur compounds act as a preservative(chop chop). Others used to believe that it would cause digestion issues. One serving of avocado(about a third of an avocado)  contains 11% of your daily fiber recommended intake. Instead of being a hindrance, avocados actually assist in maintaining a good flow.

     Human beings are creative beings. Just give a toddler a box and observe how quickly it can transform into a spacecraft or submarine. Creativity is intrinsic to us and spills over in every aspect of our lives. The creative uses for avocados are endless but we picked some of our favorites to highlight in this article. The first one being a creamy chocolate avocado mousse(yes ladies, it’s real). Delectable as it sounds, it also cuts the fat percentage intake immensely because Avocados are “the good kind of fat”(mono-unsaturated).  Avocado infused alcoholic beverages are now being served all over the world,  giving the margarita an exquisitely luxe feel and taste, though If alcohol isn’t for you, non-alcoholic avocado infused drinks, such as fruit smoothies, are also offered in many different places GLOBALLY. Vegan mayo is ingenious and a tasty alternative to mayonnaise,  substituting the eggs for avocados to use in the same way you would normally. The recipe is simple to follow and just as delicious! Now, we know that avocados help with your skin because of it’s vitamin E, and can even condition your hair for treatment,  but did you know you can make ice cream with it?!?!?? It certainly puts a different spin on the children asking the age old question, “can we pleeeeeeease have some ice cream?”

     Whether you put it on your face, in your mouth, or baste your hair with it,  you can be pretty certain you will reap the wondrous benefits of this superfood. Increasing the absorbtion rate of nutrients by up to 15x, avocados help on all levels to keep us efficient and healthy. The increase on nutrient absorption includes that of CBD. Our bodies have a natural Endocannabinoid system to receive CBD, and blended with avocado oil will only help us absorb it that much more intensely. Nutrient absorption along with helping to lower cholesterol, aiding in our vision (due to the lutein component), as well as being a delicious alternative to unhealthy foods,  are again just several of the many advantages to the ALMIGHTY Avocado. We at Satori HIGHLY recommend you begin with one of our sublingual tinctures, and joyfully observe how nature transforms your body and shifts your mind to a more positive outlook on wholesome living.


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