3000mg Avocado/ CBD Sublingual Tincture


Satori CBD 3000mg Sublingual Tincture


● MAXIMIZE your performance and recovery with our 3000mg Sublingual Tincture
● 3000mg CBD Isolate x Organic Avocado Oil


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● 100% CBD Isolate Based in Avocado Oil
● 100% THC FREE
● 3rd Party lab-tested
● helps Alleviate Pain
● assists in relieving Anxiety
● aids in Inflammation reduction
● Natural Non Habit Forming Sleep Aid
● Enhances Mood


  1. Shantell

    You’ve heard of so many different kinds of CBD products but SATORI is absolutely AMAZING!! It’s a product that actually works. Just two drops under my tongue helped me not only sleep but helped with my soreness after intensive physical therapy. I would definitely recommend you try this product it’s the real deal!!

  2. Mila Adisson

    I simply love the way it helps me. I was on two prescription medications for anxiety and depression. Couple weeks into taking the oil i stopped one of the medications.. The taste of the oil is not bad but I can’t handle it very well. However I use it in my coffee and it works, even adds that nutty taste to it. I use their gummies as well. And I use all as needed because it has an immediate effect for me.
    This is more then my prescription meds for the month but I am happy to make the switch because I haven’t felt this good in a very long time and it is a organic and natural approach rather then killing my liver with medications.

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