Dosage, Side Effects, and Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

Dogs play a vital role in reducing humans’ depression, anxiety, and stress and improve their overall emotional and physical health. It’s a renowned fact that dogs are man’s best companions, and their happy-go-lucky attitude brings happiness to our lives.

Thus, pet dogs deserve the same amount of attention and care from their owners when they go through anxiety or illness.

If you are a pet owner, you must have heard about the popular CBD oils that have been launched for dogs to cater to their mental and physical well-being.

However, if you are clueless about the dosage, side effects, and benefits of CBD oil for dogs, then keep on reading and cure your curiosity.

Administering the Right Amount of Dosage

The right dosage of CBD oil is one of the most common dog owners’ concerns. And why shouldn’t it be the primary concern? As the high dose can lead to distressing side effects, and low dosage might fail to show apparent results.

Many products of CBD oil for dogs are available in the market, including treats, chews, tablets, and liquid products, and they all come with the suggested dosing amount.

The dosage of CBD oil highly depends on the response of your dog. As per a study conducted in 2018, the most effective dose for increasing the dogs’ activity level and comfort was 2 mg per kg weight.

But you cannot wholly rely on this study alone. Therefore, you must first discuss everything with your vet and ask for his approval before starting any curative CBD treatment for your dog.

Because every dog responds in a different manner according to their size, type, and weight; that is why it is ideal:

  • To begin with a low dose
  • To keep track of your pet’s reactions and results
  • To adjust accordingly, and increase the dosage when & if needed.

Benefits of CBD Oil for Dogs

You might have heard about the health benefits of popular CBD oil from other pet owners while walking your dog in a park. It may have made you curious if this product can offer the same benefits to your pet.

Truth be told, pet treats infused with CBD oil help manage some symptoms related to some environmental factors and conditions. Veterinarians recommend CBD oil to dogs because the research and sources show that this oil has various benefits. Let’s dig in to know what benefits does CBD oil serve for your pet dogs.

1. Reduce Seizures

According to the clinical trials, CBD oil reduces seizures in epileptic dogs more effectively than other medications. The studies show that CBD oil showed more effective results when the animal had high blood pressure. Nevertheless, the research is still underway to find out the accurate blood levels for dosage recommendation.

Additionally, CBD oil showed apparent results and has been proved beneficial for adults and children who don’t respond well to anti-seizure drugs. However, more trials are required to approve its effectiveness and establish its therapeutic use on epileptic dogs.

2. Relieves Inflammation and Pain

CBD oil helps alleviate inflammation and painful conditions in old dogs, such as cancer, back pain, and even ailments like arthritis. This oil eliminates the production of inflammatory substances and increases the number of anti-inflammatory substances.

CBD oil also helps to reduce swelling, nerve pain, and bone cancer pain. The outcomes show that most dogs showed better mobility after the consumption of CBD oil.

3. Controls Anxiety

The fear of separation from their owner, getting detention, and aging can cause anxiety in dogs. According to the conducted studies, CDB oil reduces stress and anxiety in humans and dogs and has shown significant progress against anxiety.

4. Boosts Heart Health

Studies have shown significant changes in stressful humans after the usage of CBD oil. This oil does not contain fatty acids, making it an ideal product for relieving high blood pressure and dogs’ stress. CBD oils reduce high blood pressure, which results in a healthy heartbeat rate.

5. Reduces Nausea

CBD oil is a widely known and highly recommended product for reducing nausea and vomiting for dogs that lack appetite caused by surgical procedures, drugs, and diseases. According to some vets and dog owners, this oil has been proved beneficial for decreasing hunger issues.

Side Effects and Risk of CBD Oil

As we have stated above, there is no accurate and official dosage for dogs’ CBD oil products. This confusing situation may lead to the occurrence of side effects. In such a case, again, it is wise to consult your veterinarian to avoid these adverse drug reactions.

Some studies are still in progress to find the accuracy of dog owners and vets’ highlighted claims. It has been noticed that CBD oil can cause increased drowsiness and some digestion problems.

However, to get rid of the side effects, it is essential to use the right dosage amount. The following side effects which can appear are listed below:

  • Drowsiness

As we have discussed above, alleviated anxiety is one of the benefits of CBD oil for dogs. Unluckily, some dogs get so comfortable and relaxed that they end up feeling drowsy.

An ideal sleeping time for your dog is ten hours a day. If your dog is not feeling active and is out of energy, it is time to reconsider CBD oil dosage for your pet. Noticeable signs of drowsiness in your dog should not be ignored.

Unresolved sleeping habits may result in weight gain and other health issues in your dog. If you give your dog a high dose of CBD oil, try to decrease the quantity gradually. If you still receive the same results, it’s time to consult your vet.

·   Digestive problems

CBD oil may show the signs of stomach illness in your dogs. Vomiting and diarrhea are the most prominent side-effects of CBD oil. Let’s find out more about it.

Ø  Vomiting

CBD oil has a bitter taste because of cannabidiol; your dog might not like or enjoy the taste of it. If you want your dog to keep consuming the product you are giving him, it is best to find the right flavorful product.

Vomiting causes dehydration and may lead to other pains; It’s wise to observe your dog and seek your vet’s guidance in this matter.

Ø  Diarrhea

Along with unclean drinking water and uncertain eating habits, CBD oil consumption could also cause diarrhea. It will not be easy to determine the cause of your dog’s bowel problems.

However, one way to identify the cause of the dog’s diarrhea is to remove CBD oil from his routine diet. See if it makes any difference; if not, then you can make your call accordingly.

·   Thirstiness and Mouth Dryness

Saliva production in dogs’ mouths help them to swallow their food and improves their dental hygiene. Thus, it is natural that a dog’s decreased saliva production causes bad breath, teeth, or gum problems and makes it difficult for them to swallow.

Mouth dryness may also cause extreme thirst due to a lack of saliva production. If your dog is drinking water more than usual after consuming CBD oil, it is best to use a lower dosage and monitor to see the difference. If you still don’t get satisfactory results, it is recommended to seek your vet’s advice.

•    Low Blood Pressure

Slugginess is not a trait of any type of dog. You might notice that your dog is not feeling playful and is tired or sleepy after using CBD oil. Observe and ensure that if the dog’s low blood pressure is due to CBD oil or another reason.

In such an instance, it is ideal for informing your vet about the CBD oil treatment that you have started for your dog. Discussing everything with your vet can improve your dog’s overall health.

Summary of Dosage, Side Effects And Benefits of CBD Oil For Dogs

There is no doubt that CBD oil is making its way up as a beneficial treatment for dogs. However, it is highly recommended to get the approval of your vet and start slowly before obtaining any product of CBD oil for your dog.

It is wise to consider all the symptoms that need to be cured by a CBD oil product before you begin the treatment. Otherwise, you might end up facing one of the side effects that we have mentioned above.

According to research and sources, CBD oil for dogs is commonly used besides other traditional treatments because of its effective and efficient results.

It will help if you conduct thorough research about CBD oil for dogs and know the side effects beforehand. Make sure that your dog feels healthy and safe instead of facing the downsides of the chosen product of CBD oil.

We would love to know how was your experience with the CBD oil you gave to your furry friend in the comments below.

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