Multiply CBD Essential Oils Effects Using These 3 Hacks

CBD and essential oils seem like a perfect self-care match, made in heaven. The combination can offer extensive benefits, almost as if they were made to be mixed together. However, mixing CBD essential oils to achieve surprising benefits is not as simple as it sounds. While there might be potential benefits, it is imperative to carefully combine essential oils and CBD to avoid severe unwanted circumstances.

Before we start the self-care process by mixing these two products, let us first educate ourselves about what they can do separately.

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What are the CBD Oils?

CBD is a naturally occurring substance that is extracted from the Cannabis Sativa plant. Cannabidiol is utilized to make numerous products, including lotions, creams, pills, gummies, tinctures, and other consumables

Cannabidiol has three varieties of products: a full-spectrum, CBD isolate, and a broad-spectrum. The first form of CBD includes everything, from flavonoids and terpenes to THC. The second one contains everything except THC, while the third one is purely made up of CBD.

The health and skin-care benefits of CBD are HUGE. Some of its benefits include acne cure, sleep inducer, mood-booster, anti-inflammatory care, and chronic pain reliever.

What are Essential Oils?

Essential oils, in a similar way, are extracted from naturally occurring plants. Some of the essential oils are derived from tree barks, flowers, root leaves, herbs, and some fruits. They are multipurpose oils and can help lift mood, relieve pain, skin-care, and many more.

The ingredient that makes these oils very special is terpenes. These hydrocarbons are produced naturally by the plant itself. The beautiful scent of oozing from these oils is all because of the terpenes.

Now that we know what these oils do separately, it is time to get to business and see the combining effect of CBD essential oils.

Hack 1: CBD Oil and Chamomile Essential Oil for Depression

Chamomile oil, as the name says, is derived from the chamomile plant and has various benefits. Apart from using it for digestion-aiding properties and calming, this essential oil is excellent for relieving the initial symptoms of anxiety and depression.

According to the Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review, chamomile can provide clinically meaningful anti-depressant activity occurring in addition to its previously observed anti-anxiety (anxiolytic) activity. 

CBD oil is shown to have great anti-depressant qualities through its 5-HT1A receptor activation. By acting on this impartial pathway, CBD can make more serotonin, and the neurotransmitter is responsible for emotions of well-being in the brain.

Coming to the CBD essential oils hack, there are a few ways to combine these two substances for great results. Simply add a few drops of both the products into a cup of coffee, tea, or water. For long-lasting relief from anxiety and depression, take a CBD capsule or gummy.

Hack 2: CBD Oil and Lavender Oil for Better Sleep

According to a study done in 2005, 31 young women and men who were healthy sleepers found this essential oil to produce mile sedative effects and enhance slow-wave sleep. All the participants felt more vigorous and better rested the next day.

Sleep is crucial for cognitive function and muscle repair. Just like lavender, CBD ingredients also show promise as a sleep aid. CBD decreases the cortisol levels, reducing the stress and anxiety in the body. When you are at ease with zero stress in the brain, you can more easily fall asleep and stay asleep for a long period.

So, what you have to do is, add a few drops of lavender oil to a diffuser, take a warm bath and take your nightly dose of CBD oil. Another hack is adding CBD oil drops to a lavender tea and reaping the benefits like anything.

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Hack 3: CBD Oil and Peppermint Oil for Better Digestion

Peppermint oil is extracted from the peppermint plant and has been used as a potential remedy for digestion.

To prove this, an experiment was conducted a few years ago in which 200 participants, who were taking chemotherapy for cancer, took capsules containing peppermint. The results were astonishing! The oil appeared to reduce colitis inflammation.

Like peppermint oil, CBD can also provide relief from digestive problems. It was also shown to cure gastrointestinal inflammation, and if taken this prior to its onset, might even potentially prevent it.

One easy way to take these CBD essential oils is in the form of tea. Add a few drops of CBD oil into a cup of peppermint tea and enjoy the taste as well as the effects.  If you are not okay with drinking the CBD oil, take a capsule with your tea and have the same results.

There undoubtedly is a great deal of potential for exploring the amplified benefits and relief when combining the CBD essential oils. As both of these oils are naturally occurring and found to be gentle on the human body, you can safely experiment with mixtures of your preferences and likes.

However, if you have any queries and need help, leave a comment below, and we will get to you soon. Also, if you are looking for a place to get authentic CBD essential oils, TheSatoriway is the perfect place to shop them. Let us know how these work for you!

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